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What is the lawsuit about?

Lawsuit was commenced on May 24, 2019 as a class action and representative action on behalf of employees of Melo Dairy through filing a complaint against Melo Dairy in Torres v. Melo Dairy, et al. in the Superior Court of California, County of Kern, Case No. BCV-19-101450. representative action was brought under the California Private Attorney General Act (PAGA).

The Lawsuit alleges various wage and hour claims on behalf of the named Plaintiff, Mr. Torres, and on behalf of other current and former employees of Melo Dairy who were employed by Melo Dairy in California and were paid by Melo Dairy any time between May 24, 2015 and February 3, 2021. Specifically, the Lawsuit alleges Melo Dairy failed to pay minimum wages and overtime wages, failed to provide meal periods and rest periods or pay the premium pay for missed meal and rest periods, failed to pay all wages upon termination and/or resignation, violated California’s Business and Professions Code section 17200 et seq., and seeks representative action treatment and penalties under PAGA.

Who is included?

All current and former hourly paid employees of Melo Dairy who worked for Melo Dairy in California at any time during any pay period that ended during the time frame May 23, 2015 through the date Notice is mailed to the Class who were subject to a time rounding system in calculation of their wages.

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